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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Splitsville in the Queen City


Game 1,

Tony Perez doubles in three runs.

A total of four homeruns were hit in this game as the lead went back and forth.  Cincinnati took the lead in the seventh inning as they plated four runs. However, the lead did not stand as the Expos went on an offensive surge in the 9th inning as they battered around Tomlin and Pedro Borbon. Tony Perez doubled high of the wall with the bases loaded for 3 RBI in the 9th to beat down the Reds. Expos 11...Reds 8.

Henderson's Sacrifice fly wins it for the Reds.
Game 2,
The second game was much less offensive oriented as Tom Seaver took the hill for the reds in search of his 11th victory.  Seaver pitched fine but was tagged for a homerun in the fourth inning off the bat of Andre Dawson.  Montreal held the narrow 1-0 lead until the 9th inning when George Foster stepped up to the plate. The Reds outfielder lined a single to get matters rolling for Cincy.  Dan Driessen followed with a double off the wall to tie the game.  Driessen moved to third on a Bench deep fly ball and then scored when Ken Henderson, who is subbing for a slumping Geronimo, hit a ball deep enough to right field that even Valentine's cannon could not reach home before Driessen touched home with the winning tally. Reds 2...Expos 1.

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