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Sunday, April 5, 2015

One for Red; One for White

June 9, 1970 at Chicago – Bill Melton’s (9) 2-run blast in the 1st held up for a 2-1 White Sox victory. Gerry Janeski (5-4) out-battled Sonny Siebert (2-8) for the win. Wilbur Wood (11) added the iron-man 3-inning save.

June 10, 1970 at Chicago – Mike Nagy (2-2) hurled 8 strong innings for a 4-1 Red Sox victory, including a vital 8th inning show-down with Melton. With 2 outs and the bases loaded and the Carmines leading 4-1 in the B8, Melton sent a 1-1 pitch deep down the LF line, but just foul. The next pitch was sent into almost the exact spot. The next was just hit into fair territory, but landed in Yaz’s glove at the warning track. Sparky Lyle (9) nailed down the save. Yaz (14) hit a 418-foot, 2-run HR in the 4th. Tony Conigliaro (11) followed with a solo blast  

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